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SubjectRe: tcp/ip filtering
On Tue, 21 May 1996, Jamie Lokier wrote:
> >> User complaint: "I can't FTP the Linux kernel!"

> Coolio> hehe... well, if there happen to be some words (separated by
> Coolio> non characters) that are on the ban list, and they pass
> Coolio> through the filter, they will be blocked... I have seen some
> Coolio> binaries with actual words in them occasionally, but very
> Coolio> rarely... and on the slim chance the word is also on the ban
> Coolio> list, then it would be a freak coincidence and the ban could
> Coolio> possibly be lifted to download the file...

> Here are some files that contain the word "sex":

As I said, the word would be separated by non characters... so just "sex"
wouldn't trip the censor, but if you did a search for things like " sex "
and " sex." and actually found something, then it would be something to
look into :)... Besides I never said the filter would block the word sex,
and that would be an especially bad idea because sex can mean either
sexual intercourse (which isnt necessarily pornography) or gender, which
shouldnt be blocked either... What will most likely be blocked are words
that most people consider offensive... And I'm sure you can think of a
few... :)
Well, thanks everyone to those who responded... most gave something
interesting to think about... However, it looks like I'm gonna have to do
this by myself, so I've started messing up things like packet.c and
trying to figure out where all the data flows and how to scan it... I see
many kernel malfunctions in my future :)... But if anyone wants to point
me in the right direction occasionally, or maybe even help me write some
parts of it, I would appreciatte it alot (considering I just moved to C,
its gonna be tough... but I'm gonna do it anyway:)
-Vermont Rutherfoord

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