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SubjectFree memory
I guess this issue has probably been discussed already but I'm
really interested to see if it can be solved. Yesterday after
installing an aditional 16 MB and bringing my system up to 24
I started up linux, went into X. Ran a couple of applications.
Went back to the prompt (I exited X). Ran a couple of other
apps (just to see how fast my system whith the new memory
is) and then I exited out of all VT. Then I logged back in
onto just one VT (as root) and typed : free.
It said that more than 22MB!! of memory was used!! (not including
buffers and shared). Whats going on? I did not run any additional
apps to see if more memory was used by the system (i.e. if just
the report on memory consumtion was "wrong" or if that memory
was really marked as "used").
My basic question here is -> does anyone know where the problem
is to this obiously wrong information?


(O) ^ ^ (O)
Marko Siladin | | | VCU, Dept. of Math. Science \ / Division of Computer Science

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