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    SubjectRe: Linux logo

    On Mon, 20 May 1996, Tyson D Sawyer wrote:
    > Is no one interested in a simple professional logo that venders will
    > be willing to put on their packages and advertising to show that they
    > support Linux? Does no one think that it is important for people to
    > see that products support Linux? I agree that a lot of the ideas
    > floating around here are cool, but they do _nothing_ to promote Linux.
    > Any hope of looking for a simple logo that vendors will use to help
    > promote Linux and their support of it? There are a few around. I
    > have even seen one based on Linus' favorite penguin that isn't too
    > complicated.

    I have already selected the one I like best, and that's the one I'm using.
    Look at

    for a very nice penguin that also has a bw version that scales down
    pretty well..

    Simple, tasteful, yet fun.


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