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SubjectNew Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide

This may sit on vger until late June or mid July, but I'll announce it
here anyway: the New Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide is available over the
web at

It is *interactive*. That is, for every section, readers have a place
to respond. The responses form part of the document. For example,
there is a tour of the Linux kernel. Alan Cox posted a short note about
some of the changes that SMP support entails which relate to that page.
People with questions have posted them, and the questions have been
answered (sometimes by other people, sometimes by themselves...). I
try to monitor the discussion and answer questions.

Unless you choose otherwise, if someone responds to a response you
write, you get an email notification, so you don't have to poll the
web site. Also, you can "subscribe" to any of the pages, and be
notified whenever a response is posted to a page to which you are

In order to subscribe, you need to become a member -- that's essentially
giving your email address and optionally your name and home page. No
strings attached. You can post without being a member, but becoming
a member encourages me to continue to maintain the new KHG.


"Ever wonder why the SAME PEOPLE make up ALL the conspiracy theories?"

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