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SubjectRe: Pre-release 2.0.5 breaks network config scripts
> > Can we at least put a patch into route to strip the host portion.  This is
> > the way I use route. I want say: route the net for which this host
> > address is valid. In this way, a simple shell scripts can say:
> >
> > echo -n "Enter IP"
> > read ip
> > ifconfig eth0 $ip
> > route add -net $ip
> how about this patch:
> - route add -net $ip
> + route add -host $ip

You didn't read what I wrote. I want to route the network for which this
host's ip address is valid. Routing only host doesn't do anything usefull.
Ie if the ip address is, then I want to route the
network To change the '.6' to a '.0' in scripts is a pain.

The route command know the default netmask, all I want it to do is 'and'
it with the ip address. This used to work, and it breaks lots of
working configs. This is going to cause untold pain.

-- Drew Sullivan, <> -- Toronto, Canada, +1-416-225-1592
"Intel Inside" isn't advertising. It's a warning!

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