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SubjectRe: pre2.0.4 networking freezes

On 21-May-96 Larry McVoy wrote:
>>Adam J. Richter ( wrote:
>: I don't know if this information is useful or if it is already
>: known, but I'd like to report that the networking freezes in the
>: 1.3.9x - pre2.0.4 kernels may be sensitive on one's hardware
>: configuration.
>: The machine that locks up (my workstation):
>: Pentium-133 [same]
>: ASUS motherboard with 256k synchronous cache [same]
>: 64MB 60ns DRAM [same]
>: 1 IDE CDROM drive
>: 4 scsi disks, 1 scsi tape
>: SMC Ultra ethernet card
>: NCR 53c810 SCSI controller
>I'm seeing lockups on a 486 w/ an SMC 9332 (Dec Tulip 21140) 10/100Mbit
>card. It's easy to make it happen, you just blast data using ttcp or
>bw_tcp and it will lock up when you send data in one of the two directions.
>I'm thinking it is a driver problem in the tulip driver.

What version of the Tulip driver is being used here? I have the version from
Donald Becker (v0.10) straight off of his ftp site plus the one line mod to
avoid the incorrect reassignment of ether_init() (I think that was it, in any
case you just have to comment out the #include <etherdevice.h> line in the
tulip driver to make it work). In my system this driver has been rock solid
including two full incoming news feeds and three outgoing full news feeds on
the ethernet. I pass enough packets each day that I get in the range of 3 to 4
times as many ethernet interrupts as I do timer interrupts, with scsi
interrupts falling a close third to the timer interrupts.

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