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SubjectRe: Linux logo
> > Or maybe the flag stuck in a much small iceburg just about to sink.... 
> I'd like to see the penguin holding a _BIG_ manifying lens behind
> his back, and he is whistling innocently :-)

Why not just have Mr. Penguin sipping a Latte whilst lounging in the
sun, with his friend Mr. Gnu. Too cool. Gotta wear GPL-shades.

Have the iceberg slowly squishing the "B.G.S. Flagship Windozen't"
(B.G.S == bill gates' shi[P].. also known as the Bogus Wididn't")

A good note for a useful logo: the penuin should be cartoonish to be
memorable. Everything else could be rendered.

> --
> Andrew E. Mileski
> Linux Plug-and-Play Project
> "They took away his CPU power.

i.e. segments and Windows waste? MS-Word?

> They killed his girlfriend.

i.e. Amiga? (Yeh, they did)

> Now he is out for REVENGE!...Linus...The Power User!" - B.A. Lindstrom

Wielding a powerful high speed Fork and ready to Exec anyone who lands in
his Domain.

- C.H.

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