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SubjectRe: Java in OS?
> Paul H. Hargrove ( =E9crit :
> [ binfmt_java / user-land interpreter. ]
> Could not agree more. My point was, a Java interpreter's place
> is in userland and nowhere else.

> Thomas.Quinot@Cuivre.FdN.FR <URL:http://Web.FdN.FR/~tquinot=

But Sun and several other folks are starting to consider Java a way to run
process-agents in/near the kernel. These would monitor the paging/memory
and general health of programs, as well as discern alert conditions or notify
of more complex process situations.

Java is too overburdened and bloated to be kernelified, yeh, but it would be a
keen route to build in an active-handler system.

UNIX's motto is almost "model it in the file system or script it". Scripting
would allow nicely fine-grained control and smarts in the kernel.

Java might have a future in there, tho not in present form.

- C.H.

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