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Subjectlinux afs
Derek Atkins has mentioned that one holdup in a 'server prefs' for
the afs port to 1.3.x pre2.0.x kernels is the fact that he heeds
some publically available kernel functions or something that
allows him to determine routing metrics of remote hosts to allow
afs to have 'preferences' of closer servers vs further (more hops)

Is there anything I could relay to him that might help him

I have already pointed out the nfsroot.c code that grabs every
ethernet network interface and the /proc/net/route but he claims
it is not publically exported functions, internal and only
available if compiled into the kernel, he needs to be able
to insert a module and get at the functions/interfaces/whatever
that would allow routing metrics to be determined from the
module code.

Is THIS possible?

Todd Fries .. .. ..

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