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SubjectRe: fake cache

>There's this newspaper article about people manufacturing fake cache
>memory chips, and selling motherboards with these things installed.
>It would be nice to have a simple diagnostic to check for this from
>inside linux.
I agree. When I first heard about this I wanted to check my computer
but since there didn't seem to be software available I had to open up the box,
... something I prefer not to do since I'm going to do irreparable damage one
of these days:)

I understand that there is such a utilitye available under DOS but
since I'm 100% micro$oft free this isn't an option.


Craig J Copi | My other computer runs Linux . . .
(The "J" is silent) | 100% Microsoft Free and damn proud of it | Thank you Linus, XFree, GNU, et al.!!!!
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