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SubjectNFS hard link permissions problem in Linux 1.99.6
	I realize that there were no changes to the NFS code in
linux-pre2.0.6. Nevertheless, upon upgrading to pre2.0.6 (1.99.6),
I have started experiencing intermittent "permission denied" errors
when I attempt to make a hard link via NFS. I first noticed the
problem because rn would refuse to run about half of the times
when I would invoke it (invoking it immediately after the failure
would often work). strace revevealed that rn was getting an error
from the "link" system call. From that, I was able to reproduce the
problem by using the "ln" command.

For example:

ln .newsrc .onewsrc

...will fail with "permission denied" about half of the times
that I try it. I can try it repeatedly and get different results (until
it succeeds, after which I will just get "file exists").

I have been unable to reproduce the problem on a non-NFS

Adam J. Richter Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
(408) 261-6630 "Free Software For The Rest of Us."

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