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SubjectRe: Linux logo
+> On Mon, 6 May 1996, Matt Hartley wrote:
+> > About year ago I asked my mother (professional artist) to do linux logo
+> > for conputer exhibition...She did nice and simple normal
+> > companies have.. And it should be done quite well in ascii-art too :)
+> > Maybe I should look for it..if someone is intersted..
+> >
+> > Honza

Yes. Please DO ask your mother. - _Anything_ is better than that dumb logo
from the Linux Journal...

+> I just got the latest issue of Linux Journal today. In it they announce
+> that they have come up with their own Linux logo to place at the bottom
+> of ads for products that work with Linux (like SCO, Novell etc. do).
+> It is a simple purple and white logo that looks a bit like this:
+> C O O L <- big font white on purple
+> it works with <- small italics purple on white
+> L I N U X <- big font white on purple
+> They provide a license to use the logo for a $1.00 per year fee. They
+> say they require a license fee to "secure a valid legal agreement".

Interesting. Who said, they may claim anything about a "legal agreement" ?

BTW: It's B*O*R*I*N*G !!!!!!!

+> Look at for a GIF or
+> postscript version.
+> Personally I like the nice simple logo for use in alerting ad readers
+> that Linux is supported. It looks right at home with all the other
+> company "works with" logos.

Well, that's exactly THE reason, to use THEIR logo NOT. - I assume we all
dislike being set to the same level as Murkel$oft, or ???

I'd like much more a logo, which is a bit funny. :-)))))

+> Ken Jordan

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