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SubjectRe: pre2.0.4 networking freezes

> I doubt it. We've been seeing the same thing here for a very long time.
> It only happens on very fast xfers, seems unrelated to disk I/O,
> and only appears to occur when one of the machines is not linux.
> It is most pronounced over ISDN and FrameRelay links (perhaps
> ethernet too, but we happen to be running all like OS's on each
> enet)
> For the longest time I thought this was a bug in the veloce
> firmware, as it can occur between two linux boxes if the veloce
> is inbetween, but it also occurs over FR via livingston routers
> from an SCO box.
> It only appears to affect TCP connections, and may well be
> sequence number related.... locked sessions DO NOT recover, ever,
> but new sessions may be started at any time, and if crippled so
> as to limit bandwidth, they will not lock.

Same thing has happened to me when I connect with smbclient to
our NT-server(3.51 USSP 4) , when transferring stuff from at full speed
linux goes completely stuck in 30 seconds or so.

but ftp works well between machines.

Ethernet card is SMC etherpower PCI and driver is that DE500 driver.

In different kernel versions seem to have no difference (now it is 1.3.97)

Jari Soderholm

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