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SubjectRe: TRS80 mutating into Triton II under Linux questions
Drew Eckhardt wrote:
> In message <>, mickh
> writes:
> >On Wed, 1 May 1996, James L. McGill wrote:
> >> On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Mick J Hellstrom wrote:
> >>
> >> mickh} > You're kidding, right?
> >> mickh}
> >> mickh} Actually, I've heard that someone is working on a TRS-80 port to x86,
> > now
> >> mickh} that could be particularly interesting...
> >>
> >> Oonlly if ttheyy emmullaatte the kkeyyboaard bbounnce.
> >>
> >> ( apologies to those who never had a trs80 model I )
> >
> >;-) That brings back memories. I'd forgotten about that. Although it
> >didn't seem to affect me much, you got used to pressing backspace every
> >so often.
> Yes!
> My first computer was a TRS-80 Mopel I, with Level II BASIC, 16K of RAM
> onboard; the 64 column X 16 line monochrome screen, an expansion chasis
> with an additional 32K and the optional RS232 board, and a pair of single
> sided, single density (80K without TRSDOS, 50 or 60 something K free with)
> floppy drives.

Oh, Lord, mine was a Sinclair ZX81 with 1K RAM (I sh*t you not) and a 40
x 23 monochrome text only screen. Saves were done using an audio
cassette recorder. It had a _very_ tacky membrane keyboard, and if you
were lucky enough to get the 16K RAM expansion "pod", it kept falling
out of the expansion socket and had to held in place using a carefully
folded cigarette pack or some scotch tape.

Those were the days, eh? The days I hated.

And the Vic 20? Oh, let me tell you ...



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