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SubjectRe: On the topic of noisy drivers...
>On 30 Apr 96 at 14:53, David A Willmore wrote:
>> On Apr 29, 11:12pm, Mike McLagan wrote:
>> > Is there *ANY* reason that the AIC77x0 driver needs to spew it's life's
>> > story onto the console during bootup? Seems to me that 99% of what it spi
>> > out is extraneous!
>> >
>> > Maybe gagging it for 2.0 would be a good idea?
>> I have to agree here. The number of lines that scroll by when my six disk S
>> system boots is silly. Do I really need six lines to tell me that my disks
>> use 512 byte hardware sectors? Partition information is line this, too. Ma
>> I just have too many drives....
>I think the Buslogic driver even beats the aic7xxx in number of

My opinion on this is that drivers should only be verbose if you ask them
to be. Under FreeBSD, everything is very quiet unless you specify the
"-v" boot flag. So, the FreeBSD aic7xxx driver spits out two lines per
adapter, and the SCSI system spits out two lines per device by default:

ahc0: <Adaptec 274X SCSI host adapter> at 0x1c00-0x1cff irq 11 on eisa0 slot 1
ahc0: aic7770 <= Rev C, Twin Channel, A SCSI Id=7, B SCSI Id=7, 4 SCBs
(ahc0:0:0): "QUANTUM PD1225S 3110" type 0 fixed SCSI 2
sd0(ahc0:0:0): Direct-Access 1169MB (2395980 512 byte sectors)

Dan Eischen mentioned something about using different syslog levels to
get this type of effect under Linux.

>> Cheers,
>> David

Justin T. Gibbs
FreeBSD: Turning PCs into workstations

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