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SubjectRe: PPP not running, Oh, WHY?
On Thu, 2 May 1996, Richard P. Chang wrote:

> Hi!
> What kind of problem are you having? It might be as simple
> as using setserial (man setserial). Your computer might
> not be recognizing/finding your modem.
> I had that problem and ended up having to issue the command:
> setserial /dev/cua3 irq 9
> This tells it that my modem is off of com port 4 using irq 9.
> But otherwise, what is the problem you are having? Will
> PPP just not load, or do you get some errors?

Well, my modem is dialing fine.. it's connecting fine.. it's entering in my
loginand password for a ppp session, but when it comes time to initiate the
actual ppp link, it barfs.. I've got kdebug 5 set in /etc/ppp/options and
it's reporting a 'bad fcs 0x6' after the connection is made on the command
line..basically, I looked at the syslog, and I believe the thing is
recieving bad bits or something.. the thing is, I can dial through minicom
and connect just fine and go to my shell account.. send/recieve files,
everything.. the modem is an external USR Dual Standard 21.6k as well..

pppd just barf.. I dunno.. I even tried the minicom/exit without reset/run
pppd thing.. that didn't work.. I've installed 4 kernels (I'm on 1.3.97
right now), and 3 different versions of pppd (2.1.x or something, 2.2.0e and

I've compiled all the neccesary drivers into the Kernel everytime, I've done
everything right.. my script is right, my settings should be right as
well.. I have absolutely no idea...

pppd and chat 2.2.0f did compile flawlessly with this kernel as well..

should I post the 50k syslog this thing creates everytime I connect? :(

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