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SubjectSBPCD.C patch; any interest?

What I did today has no place in the standard kernel distribution, but could be
handy for some people.. this is what I did. Send me e-mail if you want the

I split the sbpcd.c into pieces..

#define INCLUDE_FAM0 [CR-52x drives / Vertos / Longshine]
#define INCLUDE_FAM1 [CD-56x drives]
#define INCLUDE_FAM2 [CD-200 drives]
#define INCLUDE_TEAC [TEAC drives]
#define INCLUDE_PAUSE [pause on each printk]

The source code now looks really ugly, but when I compiled it with just support
specific to my CD-ROM [the anchient 1x SBPRO CR-52x - family 0] , it was
approximately 20-25k smaller than the original module. Once loaded, it only
took 10 pages of code.. the old one took 18+.. a savings of 32k

So what, right? But this is in a machine with only 5MB.. so every bit
[literally] counts.

I only compiled it with:
#define INCLUDE_FAM0

since I have an old drive and I CAN'T STAND the pause between lines.
The driver literally hauls now.. it's pretty neat.

I plan on splitting the Vertos and Longshine's away from Family0.. giving me a
smaller module.


I haven't tested it with any other drives since I don't have access to them and
I just finished this probably 2 hours ago.

"Do the rubberman.. do the rubberman[snicker].. do the rubberman.."

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