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SubjectRe: TRS80 port (was FreeVMS?)

"James L. McGill" <> writes:
>On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Mick J Hellstrom wrote:
>mickh} > You're kidding, right?
>mickh} Actually, I've heard that someone is working on a TRS-80 port to x86, now
>mickh} that could be particularly interesting...
>Oonlly if ttheyy emmullaatte the kkeyyboaard bbounnce.
>( apologies to those who never had a trs80 model I )

I had forgotten about that :-) Now, as I recall taking apart
your keyboard and applying paper clips appropriately could correct
this. You probably want to emulate that too. While we're on the topic,
what about the need to clean off the edge card connector from the keyboard
to the CPU unit every so often with an eraser?

Hmm. Wonder if I still have that Forth interpreter I wrote for
a model I floating around somewhere. Might be a fun way to waste
an afternoon...

[Futher apologies for those who never had one of these wonderful machines.
We ran a small business off one of these for years. It was an upgrade
from a Victor 2000 (with a whole 2k of RAM).]

-- eric

Eric Schenk www:
Department of Computer Science email:
University of Toronto

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