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SubjectRe: My personal wish-list
In article <>,
Graham Mitchell <> wrote:
>Yeah..... Thats a good point. A kernel download is getting to be a
>serious job these days. The problem is going to be ensuring that all
>the subfiles are kept in step. Trying to compile something with
>1.3.93 include files, 1.3.95 kernel, and a 1.3.103 file system will
>be a nightmare. Even worse, will be when we cant get it to work and
>the messages start hitting the list. I also imagine its going to be a
>pain for Linus himself when issuing patches.

How about an Internet-Based Sync protocol? If you are not on the Net,
and get kernels from CD-ROMs, it does not matter if the file is huge.

Is for us, bleeders who get all patches minutes after they are anounced
the ones who have a problem. And most of us a Interet-aware...


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