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SubjectRe: Partital Fix: Media-Change after generic-scsi-read
On 29 Apr 96 at 19:12, Peter Fox wrote:

> Thomas Niederreiter <> wrote:
> > I do now force the kernel upon closing the sg-device to invalidate
> > the read-cache. I know this is brute-force attack, but it works me.
> > This patch is missing a very important thing...The right device have
> > to be invalidated, so if you worked with /dev/sgd, the kernel must
> > find out that this corresponds to /dev/sr0 and invalidate /dev/sr0.
> > I hardcoded in the moment /dev/sr0....
> I think all removable media should do this. It is a pain to have to eject
> the floppy and reinsert it to make sure that a tar df /dev/fd0 verifies the
> data on the floppy, not what's in the cache.

It sounds more like a problem in tar. Can joe user invalidate buffers
belonging to a {device,file}? If so, tar should take advantage of it,
even if the device is not removable. That's what verify is about.


> Peter.

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