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SubjectRe: dropping kerneld...
> If you don't want kerneld, DON'T PICK THAT OPTION.  Many more _do_ want
> it. I don't want SCSI support in my kernel, so how about I propose we
> remove SCSI support from all kernels from now on? How about networking
> support - I'm sure some people don't want that, or have had problems with
> it, so let's remove networking support from the kernel!
> Here's an idea, how about we just remove the entire kernel? That way
> no-one can complain about support for things they don't want/need.

There are specific problems with kerneld and at the moment they are making it
harder to spot other bugs. Hopefully Paul will fix kerneld but for now will
people at least disable kerneld and retest before submitting any bug reports.

Normal kerneld service should be resumed shortly.


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