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SubjectRe: filesystem corruption caused by process accounting
On Sat, 18 May 1996, Juha Virtanen wrote:

> Winfried Truemper writes:
> :>Short:
> :>If the "log-file" used by the Linux process accounting exceeds the
> :>free disk space, it is not possible to cleanly free up the space used
> :>by this file. This is companioned with a several 100-line long
> :>(=broken) output of "pstree".
> I suggest Debian people to include automatic cleanup script or
> program with process accounting. In busy machine that file tends
> to grow rapidly. (One i486DX50 here spawns about 450,000
> processes daily. Its process accounting file is cut down hourly.)

It does include such a script, but I would guess it only exists if the
accounting utilities debian package is installed.

$ more /etc/cron.daily/acct | grep cron
# cron script to rotate process accounting file.

It looks like this keeps 7 such logs in /var/account and rotates them. All
but the first two are gzipped. My entire /var is 10 MB and my /var/account
is only 740 (low use system though.)

> :>
> :>The first time the problem occured was when trying out "userfs" and I
> :>thought it was related to this software but indeed it was only
> :>triggered by it (the included "ftpfs" calls "ftp" many times so the
> :>log-file of the process-accounting grows fast).

(off subject) What version of kernel and userfs are you using? I couldn't
get it to work.

> Juha
> --

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