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Subject3c590 ethernet driver.


Just thought I'd post a success message about dropping in Donald Becker's
v0.25 version of the 3c590 ethernet driver into pre2.0.6.

Previously, v0.24 was a little messed in the IRQ department, appempting
to assign IRQ 255.

The official kernel still only has version 0.13 or so, which could still be
prone to some bugs of the older versions (the most severe, the transmit
timeout problems, was fixed recently). I seem to remember reading
somewhere that the older drivers were prone to an (albeit rare) oops.
Becker's home page also suggests that older drivers had problems with
promiscuous mode setting and detection of some EISA cards.

Providing a few more people can report success with v0.25, perhaps it is
time to upgrade the official kernel's version!


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