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SubjectRe: pre2.0.5 / sbpcd problems
> Andre Schoorl ecrivit:
> >
> OK, you loaded the module with insmod, but that doesn't actually pin
> it into the kernel (if you want to do that, then compile it straight
> in). The thing is, you have kerneld running too, and every minute (or
> whatever delay is set) it cleans out unused modules. Since your sbpcd
> module is actually unused until you mount a CD or start playing music
> (and even then, it is only needed to _start_ playback), it gets kicked
> out.

Well, that's not supposed to be true. A module added by insmod is permanent
until removed by rmmod. Period. Modules added by kerneld are marked with
a flag that allows them to be reaped when idle.

The problem was that pre2.0.5 was ignoring the 'added by kerneld' flag and
reaping all modules. pre2.0.6 looks like it will fix this. (Others besides me
were having problems, and a patch was posted, and that patch appears
to be in pre2.0.6 . But, I haven't been able to test that yet.)

> So that kerneld recognises accesses to your CD drive and reloads sbpcd
> as necessary, make sure you have the line:

I don't want sbpcd loaded by kerneld because everytime it loads, it
reinitializes the drive, which takes between 15 to 25 seconds. The
delay is so long that some applications (like audio CD players) may
actually give up before the module has finished loading.
So that, among other things, has forced me to load sbpcd outside
of kerneld.

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