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SubjectRe: Linux Logo (Penguin)
> > Hmm, your at the wrong pole for penguins, maybe a polar bear ....
> We haven't polar bears either, only brown bears...

Actually you can see Polar Bears at Helsinki Zoo, same with
Brown Bears, and some Penguins. ;-)

Some sort of brown bears do live in finnish nature as well, though
they are far away from major habitation areas.
(There are also few Wolves, Wolverines, Foxes, -- and a few smaller
predator mammals, like Minks.. There is also one unique breed
of seals which is in danger of extinction: "Saimaa Norppa"; it
lives only at one large lake in Finland. -- In case some definitely
unique mascot is looked for, as the penguin looks a bit compromized
at that respect...)

/Matti Aarnio <>

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