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SubjectRe: PGP fingerprints in CREDITS file?

>>Reminder.... if people are sending in patches, *especially* patches
>>containing their PGP key fingerprint, it would be useful if in fact
>>Linus knew that the message containing the PGP Key fingerprint isn't
>>going to be forged. :-)

>Last I heard, Linus doesn't use PGP, which is why I didn't sign my
>original mail. Certainly developers who send in their PGP public
>keys would check the next version that is published and make sure
>that they key that went in the CREDITS file is indeed their own.

Below is a patch (pre2.0.5) to fix my email address. I would like it updated
before 2.0 becomes release. Its a little thing, but an important thing.
(At least its important to me :-)

-- Drew Sullivan, <> -- Toronto, Canada, +1-416-225-1592
"Intel Inside" isn't advertising. It's a warning!

--- CREDITS.old Sun May 19 11:48:01 1996
+++ CREDITS Sun May 19 11:49:51 1996
@@ -1179,11 +1179,13 @@
S: Denmark

N: Drew Sullivan
D: iBCS2 developer
S: 22 Irvington Cres.
S: Willowdale, Ontario
S: Canada M2N 2Z1
+P: 1024/ACFFA969 5A 9C 42 AB E4 24 82 31 99 56 00 BF D3 2B 25 46

N: Tommy Thorn

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