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SubjectRe: What is iBCS
On Fri, 17 May 1996, Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:

> Then the answer's proberbly no, what is does is allow you to run binaries
> in the iBCS2 format (like ELF, and a.out, iBCS is just a type of binary),
> the thing about this type of binary is it's used on (amoungst other
> things) SCO Unix, so you can get (for example) Word Perfect for SCO, and
> run it on your Linux box.

Not quite. All iBCS2 is is a specification for running Intel UN*X
binaries (a.out, ELF, COFF, XOUT) across multiple platforms of UN*X. Yes,
you can use SCO UNIX binaries, but there are others too, including XENIX
and a few others. Look at the README in the iBCS source.

> Nothing, it's just your startup scripts that are trying to insmod the
> iBCS.o kernel module at boot time (proberbly without the .o ;). If you'r
> sure that you don't use it (and it sound's like you don't), go look in
> /etc/rc.d/* for the offending script, and comment the insmod (or it could
> remotely be a modprobe) that's causing the problems (a good way would be
> to issue this command (as root) 'find /etc/rc.d/ -type f -print
> |xargs grep -n iBCS', this will find all occurances of iBCS, and tell you
> the line number to look at as well).

In case _you_ haven't looked in your etc/rc.d directory, there is an
rc.ibcs2 script. All you have to do is edit that and comment out the line
that loads the iBCS module into the system.

P.S.: Please be a little more _informed_ about these things. If you are
NOT SURE, tell people that you think that's how it works, but to ask
someone else to be sure. If someone's new to this, and you tell them this
stuff, if they have no other source, they'll take it as gospel. Believe
me, I've seen it a million times. (not quite, but close!)

Derrik Pates
Win95 isn't the problem - OS/2 and DOS are. Win95 is the answer.
-- also --
Linux is the answer to the same problem.
-- but --
Linux is free.

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