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SubjectWhich kernal version to choose
I'm a new Linux user trying to make the transition from many years 
running windows. Since I'm having to learn *nix _and system
administration at the same time I'd like to have some advice on
choosing a nice, stable kernel version that gives good dial-up TCP-IP

I've installed the Slakeware version 3 and have XWindows running at
1.2.13. While I'm at it I might as well ask for advice on while
window manager I should be working with. Is one more stable that
another? have significantly less memory overhead than another?

My principle aim is a development environment for Perl scripts so I
need to have access to a forms capable browser.

My system is a 486/66DX2 with 16mg ram, 24mg swap, CirrusLogic 5428
video card.

Any and all advice appreciated!

Stephen Hueners Director of Communications
Holland, Wisconsin Virtual Online University
(608) 526-9784 Campus Address: ATHENA.EDU 8888

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