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Anno Domini 18 May 96 at 9:46, Robert L Krawitz wrote:

> The point I'm trying to make here is that there are a lot of people
> who simply don't have that much memory and who for one reason or
> another can't or aren't willing to upgrade. 16 KB by itself isn't
> much (except on the most memory starved system), but a few 16K chunks
> starts to add up.
> Definitions of "useful" vary. Some people just need to edit text and
> maybe run TeX on occasion; some people want to run an ISP on a Linux
> box.

My reason for putting any bytesaving efforts on _very_ low priority
is mainly because I see Linux as a 'server OS' not so much a 'desktop
OS'. Boxes dedicated to server use usually have adecuate resources
available. This also explains why I dont see the usefullness of

This does not mean that I embraice bloat, but I'm sure that there are
many more pressing problems in the kernel that need fixing first.

There has been few patches and messages about more detailed 'config',
drop off everything you dont need or use, you need to know what
you're doing but I think this is _a very good idea_.

Who ever said that life is fair... :)
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