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SubjectBug in hotkey
(I can't reproduce this...)

When using meta-keys (alt, etc.) to try to get the 'list of processes' I
tried a bunch before getting the cntl-scrolllock that showed the runnning
procs. After coming back to that VC later, I found the login/password
prompts to be in all caps! I typed my name (it showed in all caps) and
logged in and got in fine... the prompt and my typing stayed capitalized.

But bash (well BASH> anyway) would not _run_ capitalized anything.
I eventually got the term back by using -selection- to cut and paste the
'reset' command (which fixed things).

As I say, I can't reproduce this... but I don't have any space VC's so maybe
it only works before the first login...

(low priority)

This otherwise unremarkable language is distinguished by the absence of
an "S" in its character set; users must substitute "TH". LITHP is said
to be useful in protheththing lithtth.

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