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SubjectBusLogic Driver 1.2.3/2.0.3 Released
I have just released a minor update to my BusLogic driver which includes
improvements and fixes for some minor problems:

o New command line options "NoProbe", "NoProbeISA", and "NoSortPCI" have been
added to allow users greater flexibility in disabling or altering probing
should this ever be necessary. Consult the comments on BusLogic_Setup for
further information.

o Sorting of the PCI host adapters by bus number and device number is now only
performed if the "Use Bus And Device # For PCI Scanning Seq." AutoSCSI option
is on and if the host adapter BT-948/958/958D. Some BT-946C/956C host
adapters were found to have this bit set in AutoSCSI even though it has no

o A bus device reset that did not complete and was followed up by an
asynchronous bus device reset to the same target device could result in a
memory fault.

o One additional improvement to the timeout code in scsi.c has been made.

Versions 1.2.3 and 2.0.3 of my BusLogic driver are now available for FTP from:

In addition, since the changes are so minor and some people have heavily
patched Linux 1.2.13 source trees, I've also made a patch available that will
upgrade from version 1.2.2 of the driver directly to 1.2.3:

If you have Linux 1.99.5 (aka 2.0pre5) or above, then BusLogic 2.0.3 is already
included. In all likelihood, this will be the last release of my BusLogic
driver for 1.2.13, as Linux 2.0.0 will likely arrive soon and become the new
stable platform.


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