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SubjectRe: Minor bug in PPP driver
Eric Schenk said:
> I've found a minor bug in the ppp driver. The value of tx_queue_len was
> set to 0. The problem is that the current networking code
> will just drop a packet on the floor if there is no "room" in the
> device queue when it tries to put it into the queue. Since the queue
> is just a linked list I didn't see any problems with making the value
> of tx_queue_len non-zero. [This is the case in pretty much all the
> other networking drivers.] In any case this improves the full bore
> TCP speed across my PPP link by about 10%.

Which version of ppp is this? I don't even see a tx_queue_len in ppp-2.2.0f

Scott Barker
Linux Consultant (under construction)

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