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SubjectRe: Messy at bootup
Date (Mr A.M. Kruczkowski) writes:
> Also, on a totally subjective aesthetic point, if the two "version"
> strings were removed from the Linux boot-up banner -- as in Linux version X
> and (gcc version X), I think that line would just about fit neatly
> into 80 chars, making it much more pleasant to read :-)

I also think that the banner should be the first thing printed. That way,
you can tell what kernel is booting without trying to find the particular
line printed. Also when checking syslog messages, you search "/^Linux",
and the bootup messages are from that point on (a trick I've used on
SunOS machines by looking for "/^SunOS").

I think the following patch will do that (as printk messages are buffered
until something registers an interest in dealing with them).

--- main.c~ Wed May 15 23:48:09 1996
+++ main.c Wed May 15 23:49:09 1996
@@ -738,6 +738,8 @@
char * command_line;

+ printk(linux_banner);
* This little check will move.
@@ -807,7 +809,6 @@

- printk(linux_banner);
#ifdef __SMP__
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