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SubjectMessages: double lock on socket...


my console just filled up with the following message...

May 17 14:02:22 mach_1 kernel: double lock on socket at 0014a773
May 17 14:02:23 mach_1 last message repeated 220 times

well, actually this one came from the syslog.

I was compiling a kernel when this happened. No network traffic to speak
of, just a couple of rlogins. I discovered that my microprocessor fan
had quit working last week. Since then I get tons of sig 11s when
compiling kernels. The machine also gets parity errors somtimes when re-

The machine has performed flawlessly in the past, so the mentioned errors
might be induced by flaky hardware :)

James Hughes
Engineering Technologies Div,
Greenville Tech College

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