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[General idea is to remove the option to save 16kB of kernel size]

Why not hand code all your C programs in assembler, you could probably also
save 16kB by doing this. bash would be a very good target. This might
take you long enough to not reply about how to save 16kB of memory. Even
better why don't you become the person to add the patch for Linux to use
spare video ram or the buffers on the network card for that extra few
kB's of space.
More seriously if _you_ want a kernel 16kB smaller with no random number
generator, then _you_ remove the code and make it always return 0, or
some other almost as useless random number algorithm (A shift register
with feedback taps is probably one of the simplest decent pseudo number
grnerators around).

Quite seriously, I know people have proposed using the Video ram as
memory before, this RAM may have very good access times, especially if
you optimised the memcpy & memset routines to use on card blitter chips.
Also some computers have a few megabytes of this memory.
Wouldn't be fun to debug though, especially if you try to co-operate with
X & svgalib.


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