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SubjectMinix filesystem.

Should the minix file-system really be defaulted to yes in the configuration?

The says "Everyone should say Y or M so that they are
able to read this common floppy format" -- perhaps change it to something like
""Minix is a common floppy format, say Y or M if you think you have use for
it""? Many people doesn't use the floppy all that often -- and it isn't so
diffucult to say Y if you want to use it on a ram-disk.

If the is correct, the minix-filesystem enlarges the
kernel with 25KB -- imho that alone is enough to make it default to No.

"Lets all kill this one, just say N" would probably generate to much flames for
me to handle, so i'm not going to mention that one.. ;)

// JaS

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