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SubjectRe: Problems with UMSDOS and -o conv=auto (1.3.99)
Mitch Davis said:
> Dear Linux kernel readers: (and Jacques and Linus)
> I am running kernel 1.3.99, with UMSDOS. Because I wanted to avoid
> having ^M's visible in my files when editing them with vi, I tried the
> -o conv=auto mount option.

You really shouldn't use conv=auto on read/write filesystems, maybe the kernel
should inforce this. It just isn't possible to do the convesion on read and
undo it on write, this leads to all kinds of problems. Less which mixes fseek
with read also gets very confused with conv=auto as you effectively loose a
byte every newline, so fseek and read think they are at two different places
in the file.

Jon. <,>

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