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SubjectRe: Possible /etc/kernel.conf?
On May 16, Adria Garside wrote:
>Whereas I do compile many different kernels as I maintain
>a linux network of 8 machines + server. What I would like
>is for make config to recognize an old .config file and
>tell me about any new options, and hide all the questions
>about previously existing options. Then I could simply have a
>.config file for each significantly different computer, and
>answer a *much* reduced 'make quickconfig' to recompile the
>kernels. That way I know I can't make a slip whilst answering
>make config and miss out some important driver from the kernel
>for one computer and/or put an extra driver into the kernel
>for another.

What I generally do is to copy all of the config files, the
build log (the E-mail message I get from "atrun", since I
usually do builds overnight -- my home system is a 386/25),
the kernel image, etc. into /boot (which is in my messydos
partition, so cyl<1024 guaranteed). This forces an 8x3 file
name, so I use the same base name for each file, with
extensions of .log (the log file) .cfg (the .config file),
.snd (the sound config file), .bin (the kernel itself), etc.
For the base name, I use "r" and "p" to separate the numbers
("r" from the Ham Radio convention of using an R for a period
in Morse code, "p" for patch level, and minus digit for the
version number.)

For example, when I built 1.99.4 the first time, I copied the
image to 1r99p4-1.bin, the .config file to 1r99p4-1.cfg. etc.

When I patch up to the next level, I generally install the
patches, do a "make distclean", copy the appropriate .cfg
file into my build directory from /boot, and do a make oldconfig.

Is there an easier way?

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