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SubjectNot the usual 'kernel panic'
I have been sucessfully using Linux/loadlin for a couple of years and
have never had a problem until recently. I changed the linux.bat file
location (then put it back) and all of a sudden I started getting
kernel panic error such as:

kernel panic: skput:over: 0019f6e8:0

What is this? Can't find it anywhwere in any documentation.

When I boot from a floppy, all works well. Have recompiled the kernel
with many updates recently and still: floppy boot works, loadlin boot
does not.

When I do 'rdev /dev/fd0' it shows: Root device /dev/hda8
AND the same when I do 'rdev /dosh/zImage' which is where loadlin is
trying to boot from.

Here is loadlin line from dos/win95:

h:\loadlin\loadlin h:\zimage root=/dev/hda8 ro

All goes well (even passes fsck) until right after the CDROM gets
found but well after it finds and likes the hard drives (right before
it runs network daemons it seems).

After the kernel panic I boot from floppy and fsck does it's thing
(not 'clean' ever after this error)...but another boot to floppy and
fsck says /dev/hda8 is clean.

My setup:

Linux kernel 1.99.4 (though it happened with earlier kernels as well)
Slackware 3.0 with recently updated libs (5.2.18) and updated make.
No SCSI anything...all IDE hard drives.

Douglas Stoun <>
Florida State University
Center for Music Research
904-644-5788 (6100 - Fax)

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