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SubjectRe: Minix filesystem.
From: (Simon Josefsson)
> Should the minix file-system really be defaulted to yes in the
> configuration? The says "Everyone should
> say Y or M so that they are able to read this common floppy format"
> -- perhaps change it to something like "Minix is a common floppy
> format, say Y or M if you think you have use for it"? Many people
> doesn't use the floppy all that often -- and it isn't so diffucult
> to say Y if you want to use it on a ram-disk.
> If the is correct, the minix-filesystem
> enlarges the kernel with 25KB -- imho that alone is enough to
> make it default to No.
> "Lets all kill this one, just say N" would probably generate to much
> flames for me to handle, so i'm not going to mention that one.. ;)

Well actually...

The Minix filesystem is used to save space on boot disks.
It's only a gain if it can save more than 25kB on a typical
boot disk. If it can't save 25kB, then it is a net loss.

For floppies, tar and mtools/msdosfs are more portable.
You can use vfat to get long filenames.

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