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SubjectRe: behavior of overwriting running executables?

I wanted behavior to unlink the file when linking since I have problems:
1) when I'm setuiding a program I'm working on (I normally have to
rm in the makefile
2) when I'm leaving the binary running (normally a mistake).
I want the link to proceed without a problem (linux reports
"text file busy"

This seems correct and I don't see harm...

Comments? You want to put it in?

It in HJ Lu's linux binutils distribution.

--- bfd/cache.c 1996/05/16 18:33:35 1.1
+++ bfd/cache.c 1996/05/16 18:34:16
@@ -286,6 +286,8 @@
/*open for creat */
+ /* get rid of an existing file */
+ unlink(abfd->filename);
abfd->iostream = (PTR) fopen (abfd->filename, FOPEN_WB);
abfd->opened_once = true;
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