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SubjectProblems with UMSDOS and -o conv=auto (1.3.99)
Dear Linux kernel readers: (and Jacques and Linus)

I am running kernel 1.3.99, with UMSDOS. Because I wanted to avoid
having ^M's visible in my files when editing them with vi, I tried the
-o conv=auto mount option.

I find that if my volume is mounted conv=auto, then doing a umssync
causes EMD file errors. Catting files after this also causes problems.

I am including a transcript to demonstrate. My ums utilities are the
ones that came with Slackware 3.0. I'm guessing that this is caused by
the --linux-.--- also undergoing translation, which has to be a Bad Thing.

Is this a known problem? Is there anything I should or shouldn't be
doing, or know about?

Many thanks in advance for all replies.


Script started on Thu May 16 08:40:05 1996
root@meow [/] mount -t umsdos /dev/hda1 /l
root@meow [/] cd /l/grputl
root@meow [/l/grputl] ls
--linux-.--- grpcrc.c grpgen.exe grputil.c referenc.txt
chkgrp.c grpcrc.exe grpmisc.c grputil.h tx
clist.c grpdump.c grpmisc.h grputil.o
clist.h grpdump.exe grprw.c makefile.{_s
clist.o grpframe.c grprw.exe overview.txt
cportdef.h grpframe.exe grpsaver.c pmtypes.h
eda0fcef.grp grpgen.c grpsaver.exe
root@meow [/l/grputl] umssync -v+ .
root@meow [/l/grputl] cat * > /dev/null
root@meow [/l/grputl] cd /
root@meow [/] umount /l
root@meow [/] mount -t umsdos -o conv=auto /dev/hda1 /l
root@meow [/] cd /l/grputl
root@meow [/l/grputl] umssync -v+ .
umsdos_ioctl: UMSDOS_READDIR_EMD : I/O error
Creating file ./clist.c
umsdos_ioctl: UMSDOS_CREAT_EMD : I/O error
root@meow [/l/grputl] cat * > /dev/null
cat: chkgrp.c: I/O error
root@meow [/l/grputl] ls
root@meow [/l/grputl] mount
/dev/hda4 on / type ext2 (rw)
/dev/hda3 on /hda3 type ext2 (rw)
none on /proc type proc (rw)
/dev/hda1 on /l type umsdos (rw,conv=auto)
root@meow [/l/grputl] exit

Script done on Thu May 16 08:42:20 1996

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