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Subjectremote shutdown and tty_open: Bug or feature ?
To Linux kernel hackers :

Recently I gave shutdown command from a remote xstation to my linux
pc. When the system was coming up after this shutdown it hangs during
Boot Sequence with following message :

VFS: mounting root fs readonly

ALT+ScrollLOCK showed that named was the current process

I booted the m/c with boot + root floppies, mounted root linux partition
on /mnt removed lines containing named, kerneld, httpd from rc.S and
tried to boot the m/c on its own. At boot sequence a spate of following
messages came :

Warning: dev(04:c1) tty->count(2)!=#fd's(4) in tty_open

similar messages came from release_dev .

Whenever I logout on any of the VT's on console I get the same
messages repeated many times.

grep and find show that printk in src/linux/drivers/char/tty_io.c is
the culprit.

Can anyone throw some light as to why this is happening.


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