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SubjectRe: Why not distribute Kernel and all related tools together
On Wed, 15 May 1996, Linux kernel mailing list wrote:

> I may have an idea.
> What do you think if there were another package would include all the
> tools related to kernel like
> Net-tools
> Proc-tools
> Smbmount
> And whatewer, there are quite a few of those.
> I think that it would clear many things if these tools were all
> together in same package like kernel is in one package.

It might be a good idea, though coordinating releases with the various
authors will be a bear. It wouldn't be something you could drop the ball on
and still hope to maintain an authoritative distribution. On the kernel
side, I'm sure Linus has to work hard to maintain consistency with the
various drivers by different authors.

Still, it is a serious pain in the neck for the average admin when one gets
a kernel integrated with all sorts of goodies and has to wonder where the
utilities are to make all of them work.

Canonical stupid but enthusiastic admin

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