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SubjectShutdown problems.

> > Does anyone have any ideas on this one? I have upgraded to version 5.2.16
> > of libc, but this did not make any difference. It is not the network card
> > driver which I thought originally as it happens on a totally different
> > computer configuration using the same software setup. My guess is it's
> > some problem with umsdos.
> I had a similar problem, but it wasn't a umsdos problem. Try installing
> the newest version of init. You might have to compile it yourself, but
> that all worked fine for me...

I have three ext2fs based linux systems running 1.3.90 with the same
version of init and it shuts down fine. That's why my assumption it is a
umsdos problem. I am wondering if it is a change I made to inittab.
I replaced the getty on console 1 with a shell script to allow users to
start up X/telnet to our university mail server without an account.
Previously this was loaded at the end of rc.local (ie before the gettys
got started).


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