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SubjectRe: 'java in kernel' defaults
You didn't answer most peoples questions - how make java work from /usr/bin.
I probably can hack java to place it in required directory (assuming I have
source and Motif which I can't afford now) but hacking is not a way. If I
were Linux developer I could do it as a part of project but I am considering
myself rather Linux user - so I don't want hack it I want use it. And I
really like it.

Nothing to be offended about (Sorry but your voice sounds offended)

Alex Gitelman

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> > However it's not a standard place for Java itself. If I copy or link
> > Java stuff to /usr/bin it complains that on bad Java root directory.
> > So, until somebody develops native Linux Java tools it would be better
> > to follow Sun's Java conventions ( or guy's who did port). And until that
> > time we, in fact,
> > have no right to say that Linux supports Java binaries - it just invokes
> > Sun's stuff to do job.
> We have a file system standard for people to follow. There isnt much point
> having one for people to not follow. Im sure that someone is perfectly
> capable of recompiling the java tools or putting the right symlinks in.
> And Linux does support java binaries - it knows how to invoke the tools. It
> knows how to run sh scripts - it invokes the tool etc. The kernel doesnt
> even directly support a dynamically linked ELF binary - it loads a binary
> with a small helper embedded that loads the linker and adds the libraries
> I dont see what you are trying to say

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