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16 May 1996

[New] Modem Microcom DeskPorte and pppd (fwd)Fabio Dorival Victorelli
  Re: Firewalling in recent kernelsBryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: ProcPS in 1.2.13 and 1.3.100Jared Mauch
[New] Packages that should be updated along with 2.0 [email protected] ...
  Re: Still no secure rm in pre2.0.4Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
  startx kills pppdixx
[New] Re: Why not distribute Kernel and all related tools together [email protected] ...
[New] hda errorsKevin M Bealer
[New] Re: tcp/ip filteringCoolio
[New] Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2Aaron Ucko
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2Mark Eichin
  Re: Plea. . .David Flood
[New] is more broken?valhalla
  Re: Plea. . .Mike Wangsmo
[New] Oops under 1.99.3 (pre-2.0.3)(Dan Weiskopf)
  Re: binfmt_java problems(H. Peter Anvin)
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?Mark Eichin
  Re: Linux logoTyson D Sawyer
  Re: binfmt_java problems(H. Peter Anvin)
  Re: ProcPS in 1.2.13 and 1.3.100Bartlomiej Czardybon
[New] lilo 1[6,7] and cdromPeter K
[New] Hello !Iordachescu Ionut - Alexandru
[New] ICMP MessagesMatt Mc Namara
  Re: Why not distribute Kernel and all related tools togetherlilo
  Re: Possible /etc/kernel.conf?lilo
  Re: binfmt_java problemsJacques Gelinas
[New] dereferencing pointer to incomplete typeTed Serreyn
[New] Re: PGP fingerprints in CREDITS file?Linus Torvalds
[New] init 2.60Alex Gitelman
  Re: kernel-1.3.99: SIOCADDRT: Invalid argumentAlan Cox
[New] modules, scsi: kernel panicHerbert Rosmanith
[New] path for Java againAlex Gitelman
  Re: hda errorsHerbert Rosmanith
  Re: 'java in kernel' defaultsAlex Gitelman
  Re: Linux logoHerbert Rosmanith
[New] Sleeping on the job"Andrew E. Mileski"
[New] Re: 1.3.97Simon Shapiro
[New] Linux Architecture-Specific Kernel Interfaces document available(Michael Hohmuth)
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2Ingo Molnar
[New] strace -p 1?Jared Mauch
  Re: An idea: a database of modules settings(Kees van Reeuwijk)
  Re: Java in Linux kernel: some issuesJan Kasprzak
  Re: Whee, Greased HedgeHog on Steroids, take 2(H. Peter Anvin)
  Re: binfmt_java problemslilo
  Re: behavior of overwriting running executables?Barry Lagerweij
[New] Re: Hello!lilo
[New] Re: Possible /etc/kernel.conf?"Mr. Tickle"
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM (compromise?)"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
[New] depend.awk fails sometimesJulio Sanchez
  Re: > 64 MB of RAM(John Henders)
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  Re: binfmt_java problemslilo
[New] Shutdown problems."Mr. Tickle"
  Re: Odd root (and suid root) behavior(Bjorn Ekwall)
[New] Re:'java in kernel' defaults(Doug Liu)
  Re: Plea. . .Alan Cox
  Re: Firewalling in recent kernelsAlan Cox
  Re: 'java in kernel' defaultsAlan Cox
  Re: behavior of overwriting running executables?Alan Cox
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2Alan Cox
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