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SubjectRe: Kerneld woes
On Mon, 13 May 1996, Mr A.M. Kruczkowski wrote:

> Hiya there
> 1. yes, I did do make modules_install
> 2. kerneld does run
> 3. kdstat debug does produce information, useful or otherwise. I will
> describe this at the end
> 4. modprobe -c thrashes the machine. I get no control at all.
> In this version , 1.99.3, with modules -whatever the latest version is-
> revision h... I compiled the kernel with most things other than boot

Just by way of note, according to, the
latest is '1.3.69k'... one thing I would note about excessive thrashing: If
you don't have an ELF version of what debian calls 'miscutils' your system
will be broken by not have a.out support in it: You need an ELF version of
"update" for example or your system cannot memory manage (nothing ever
leaves the cache), since it loads _before_ kerneld in most setups.

> What am I doing wrong? UIf you need other informatino, please don't
> hestiate to write.
> Thanks
> Alex
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Hey guys, I just heard something that really worries me...
(wringing hands) What is the correct side of the bed to get up on?

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