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SubjectRe: SMTP
On Mon, 13 May 1996 wrote:

> After upgrading to 1.3.100 after using 1.3.99 my mail has quit working. I
> use Pine 3.91 configured to send the mail to a remote SMTP server. Under
> 1.3.99 and all previous kernels it worked just fine. However, after
> upgrading to 1.3.99 through 1.99.3 Pine hangs when sending the mail and
> netstat shows:
> Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address (State)
> tcp 0 2 SYN_SENT
> calvin
> It just sits there for several minutes and may or may not send the mail out.
> This is over a PPP connection.
> Derek

Just to offer another graph point to plot, I am using (pre2.0).3 (ie 1.99.3)
with Pine 3.91. I am using 'smail' for delivery specifically it seems to be
smail Everything seems to work smoothly.

You way wish to look at your other mail-related software to check other
possible problems... (ie try using elm to send a message).

BTW (prob not relevant) but my popclient and pine are both in scripts which
prevent them from loading while the other is around (to avoid the file
locking problems.)

Hey guys, I just heard something that really worries me...
(wringing hands) What is the correct side of the bed to get up on?

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