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SubjectRe: Why not distribute Kernel and all related tools together
yOn Wed, 15 May 1996, Linux kernel mailing list wrote:

> I may have an idea.
> What do you think if there were another package would include all the
> tools related to kernel like
> Net-tools
> Proc-tools
> Smbmount
> And whatewer, there are quite a few of those.
> I think that it would clear many things if these tools were all
> together in same package like kernel is in one package.
> Jari Soderholm
YES, it is very cool idea. It would be MUCH easier to upgrade to new
kernel, now it happens so that I test it, look at Chenges file, look at
packages what really changed and install it.. There is anther benefit of
that solution: no more questions: 'What version of procps do You use ?'


Bartlomiej Czardybon
Silesian Technical University - Faculty of Computer Science

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